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10th Kingdom, TheFantasyNRHallmark Magical fairy taleFD-L-R-1
1917Action-AdventureRWorld War 1 FD-L-R-1
2012Action-AdventurePG-13End of world type movieFD-L-R-1
47 RoninAction-AdventurePG-13Samuri warriors FD-L-R-1
9Sci-FiPG-13Cartoon Sci-FiFD-L-R-1
A Charlie Brown ChristmasCartoonNRAnimated cartoonFD-R-R-1
A Chipmunk ChristmasCartoonNRAnimated cartoonFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolCartoonPGAnimated cartoonFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolCartoonPGDisney Animated Cartoon with Jim CarreyFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolCartoonNRThe Smurfs versionFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolFantasyNRPatrick StewartFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolFantasyPGGeorge C. ScottFD-R-R-1
A Christmas Carol MusicalGHallmark MovieFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolCartoonGAnimated cartoonFD-R-R-1
A Christmas CarolFantasyNRBlack and White and ColorFD-R-R-1
A Merry Bunny ChristmasCartoonNRNick JrFD-R-R-1
Abyss, TheAction-AdventurePG-13Underwater action good movieFD-L-R-1
Adventure CampCartoonGDinosaur TrainTR-R-R-3
Adventurer Curse of the Midas BoxMysteryPGAncient mysteries powerful evilFD-L-R-1
Adventures of Adele Blanc-SecAction-AdventurePGAncient reptile comes to lifeFD-L-R-1
Adventures of Clutch PowersCartoonNRAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
AeonfluxAction-AdventurePG-13Female assassin in 25th centuryFD-L-R-1
After EarthAction-AdventurePG-13Earth in the futureFD-L-R-1
Aladdin - The Return of JafarCartoonGDisney Animated CartoonTR-L-R-3
Aladdin and the King of ThievesCartoonGDisney Animated CartoonTR-L-R-3
AlapaloozaMusic CDCDWierd Al YankovicBlue Folder
Alfred HitchcockMysteryG4 Disc set of 20 moviesFD-L-R-1
AliceFantasyNRAlice in wonderland remakeFD-L-R-1
Alice In WonderlandFantasyNRBased on original storyFD-L-R-1
Alice In WonderlandCartoonGDisney 2 Disc setTR-L-R-3
Alice in WonderlandFantasyPGDown the rabbit holeFD-L-R-1
Alice Through The Looking GlassFantasyPGAlice in wonderland taleFD-L-R-1
Alien CovenantSci-FiROuter space thrillerFD-L-R-1
Alien Vs PredatorSci-FiPG-13Aliens fight it out on earthFD-L-R-1
Alien vs Predator RequiemSci-FiNRAliens fight over earthFD-L-R-1
Aliens - Colonial MarinesGameMXBox 360TR-R-R-2
All Dogs Go To HeavenCartoonGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2CartoonGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Allan JacksonMusicalGCountry MusicFD-L-R-1
AllegiantSci-FiPG-13Battle for survialFD-L-R-1
Alvin and The ChipmunksCartoonPGMusical animated cartoon about singing chipmunksFD-L-R-1
Alvin and the Chipmunks SqueakquelCartoonGMusical cartoonFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 01CartoonG3 Disc set of tv comedy seriesFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 02CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 03CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 04CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 05CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 06CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 07CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 08CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 09CartoonG3 Disc SetFD-L-R-1
American Dad Vol 10CartoonG3 Disk set Bad languageFD-L-R-1
American MadeAction-AdventureRTom CruiseFD-L-R-1
American SniperAction-AdventureRTrue life version Chris KyleFD-L-R-1
An American TailCartoonGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
AnacondasAction-AdventurePG-13Hunting snakes in brazilFD-L-R-1
AnastasiaCartoonGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Angry Bird StellaCartoonNRComplete Second SeasonTR-L-R-3
Angry Bird ToonsCartoonNRAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Animals Gone Wild - S2Action-AdventureGDeer RescueFD-L-R-1
Annabelle's WishCartoonNRAnimated cartoonFD-R-R-1
AnnieMusicalPGDaddy WarbucksFD-L-R-1
Ant BullyCartoonPGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Antman and the WaspAction-AdventurePG-13Marvel comics adventureFD-L-R-1
AntzCartoonPGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Apollo 13Sci-FiPG2 Disc set Nasa Apollo 13 to the moonFD-L-R-1
AquamanAction-AdventurePG-13Avengers characterFD-L-R-1
Arabian NightsFantasyNRHallmark adventure filmFD-L-R-1
AristocatsCartoonGDisney Animated CartoonTR-L-R-3
Army Of DarknessHorrorRBook of the deadFD-L-R-1
Around The World In 80 DaysAction-AdventurePGComical trip around the worldFD-L-R-1
ArrivalSci-FiPG-13Talking to the aliensFD-L-R-1
Arrival 1 and Arrival 2Sci-FiR2 disc set - Sci-Fi alien invasionFD-L-R-1
Arthur ChristmasCartoonGSanta's son ArthurFD-R-R-1
Artificial IntelligenceSci-FiPG-13Future of AI adventuresFD-L-R-1
Assassin's CreedAction-AdventurePG-13Video game based Action-AdventureFD-L-R-1
Astro BoyCartoonPGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Astronaut Farmer, TheAction-AdventurePGFarmer goes into spaceFD-L-R-1
Astronauts Wife, TheAction-AdventureRJohnny Depp Sci fiFD-L-R-1
Atlantis - Milo ReturnsCartoonGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Atlantis - The Lost EmpireCartoonPGAnimated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Atlantis SquarepantsCartoonNRSpongebob TR-R-R-3
AvatarAction-AdventurePG-13Man vs Avatar in space adventureFD-L-R-1
AvengersAction-AdventurePG-13Secret agent adventuresFD-L-R-1
AvengersAction-AdventurePGSuper Heroes unite to save the worldFD-L-R-1
AvengersAction-AdventureGSecond copy Marvel Avengers seriesFD-L-R-1
Avengers - The FinaleCartoonNRMarvel - Animated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Avengers - Volume 1CartoonNRMarvel - Animated cartoonTR-L-R-3
Avengers Age of UltronAction-AdventurePG-13Marvel comic avengers come to lifeFD-L-R-1
Avengers Age of Ultron (2)Action-AdventurePG-13Second copy Avengers adventure movieFD-L-R-1
Avengers End GameAction-AdventurePG-13Marvel comics character comes to life.TR-L-R-3
AviatorAction-AdventurePGHoward HugesFD-L-R-1
Babes In ToylandCartoonGAnimated cartoonFD-R-R-1
Bah, HumDuckCartoonNRLooney Tune Classic Copy 2FD-R-R-1
Bah, HumDuckCartoonNRLooney Tune ClassicFD-R-R-1
Balloon Ride, TheCartoonNRPeppa Pig CartoonTR-L-R-3
BaltoCartoonGDog CartoonTR-L-R-3
Balto II - Wolf QuestCartoonGDog CartoonTR-L-R-3
BambiCartoonGDisney Animated Cartoon Platinum EdtionTR-L-R-3
Bambi IICartoonGDisney Animated CartoonTR-L-R-3